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Membership Meeting

SLOAN ST COMMUNITY GARDEN WELCOMES YOU TO JOIN US THIS SEASON to grow for food, for charity, for beautification, for the health of green space… Explore, eat, play, sit quietly, or toil… Just leave the space better than you found it… To start, come to our


March 9th, 3pm
At the PEC 325 N. 39 th St
Philadelphia PA 19104

Meeting Purpose: To welcome & orient new members, renew returning memberships, assign plots, brief update on status, organizational decisions moving forward.
Time: approx 2 hrs


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February 2014 update

This past year Sloan St Community Garden

  • grew and donated over 200 lbs of food to the Peoples Emergency Center’s emergency food relief  weekly give away through Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s City Harvest Program.
  • enjoyed our new layout and new members… Reconstructed beds, replanted perennials , grew boundless amounts of cabbage, leafy greens, tomatoes, herbs, squash, okra and eggplant for our own cupboards, maintained our 3-bin compost system and pruned, played and feasted around picnic tables on BBQ’d  food with friends, family and neighbors.
  • survived the ongoing construction adjacent to us (Duling Construction donated $500 to the garden – a gesture to counteract the repetitive use and misuse of garden land.)
  • We thank Penn Presbyterian Medical Center for allowing us stewardship of their land and Lisa Mosca and others at PHS for supplying us with materials, labor & advice, and the PEC for their ongoing partnership.

Want to Join us?

  • Want to grow your own healthy food while caring for & enjoying an expansive outdoor green & organic space? Want to be a part of a green movement? We will be having our Opening Season Membership meeting in March. Check back for the scheduled date and time!
  • membership basics: small annual fee(around $10), weed, water and organically control pests in your own plot & containers (weekly-daily depending on time of season) 3 collective workdays per season,  leave the space better than you found it, 2 collective meetings per season where we decide organizational moves, committee work (roughly 1 hr per week maintaining communication, tools, grounds, city harvest)
  • email sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com for more info, but give us a week to respond, we’re all volunteers here!

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Do you want to become a member?

Herbs & Beans

Sloan St Community Garden is looking for organic gardeners committed to enriching their lives and the neighborhood by growing for themselves and the community.

This season we enthusiastically look forward to completing our revitalization of our space after our move to the adjacent lot this past fall. This will include building more beds that will need new green thumbs to tend them.

Questions in the meantime? Look through past posts and/or e-mail sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com to get in touch with membership coordination.

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Hi! Would you like to join Sloan St. Community Garden?

Learn about and participate in organic gardening, composting, bee keeping, farm stands, food donations, workshops, and more!

Attend our opening season mandatory membership meeting:

When: Friday, March 18th @ 7pm (approx. 2 hours long)

Where: 330 N. Sloan St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, house adjacent to the garden

What you need: $15 (plot fee & key deposit) & 2011SloanStComGardenApplication

Contact: sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com for more information or see our previous posts.


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Waiting List

We have many new, excited and exciting faces around the Garden this year, in addition to some old, savvy vets  and we’re fairly certain that’s EXACTLY what every garden needs… so YAY… What that also means is that all our plots are now filled up… that’s cause for another little, yay.  So, if you would like to still be around all the fun and green thumbs, you can either, be a container gardner or a community space gardener.  This just means we’ll find some dirt for you to dig in if you want.  If you do have your heart set on one of the plots because it’s just a little 4×8 slice of fertile earth around the concrete, you can get yourself on the waiting list.  Simply send an e-mail to the membership coordinator sscg@gmail.com.  Don’t be shy.

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2010 application ya’ll!!

The new application, as promised, can be found right here, and once you’ve completed it, e-mail sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com with your inquiry. Even as the rain pours down in ludicrous volume, the garden awaits the scurry and bustle of its committed members.  I know it seems a little early in the season to even consider gardening (the potential flooding sure ain’t helpin’) but don’t wait too long, the plots will fill fast.  See you out there and thanks!

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Meeting wrap

Thanks to everyone who came to today’s kick-off meeting! Eleven of us plus five kids met in the PEC basement to talk about everything from weeding to governance. It’s a promising year for the Sloan St. Community Garden.

Former gardeners, pretty-please return your garden keys. We have several new members that need copies.

Meeting minutes will be available soon to members in the Google Group. The short version: we assigned plots, reviewed gardener responsibilities, volunteered for hands-on jobs or executive committee roles. We’re trying a new organizational approach this season: instead of a single garden coordinator, an executive committee will meet monthly to keep us on track. Stay tuned for a calendar of upcoming events.

Questions? Contact sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com.

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