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Winter Update 2013

Greenhouse made of Repurposed Windows

Greenhouse made of Repurposed Windows


Happy Winter from SSCG, currently a group of 14 strong volunteers in 2 locations… seeking neighbors of Saunders Park committed to improving a garden and community…

2nd Generation Gardeners

2nd Generation Gardeners






We’ve moved!

Mid November we dug, carried and recreated the garden on the adjacent property, reconstructing several of our beds atop the concrete of the Penn Presbyterian lot (thank you Gary Ginsberg!). With the generous support of PHS contact Lisa Mosca, we hope to reconstruct the same area of plot space, however configured differently (Garden Layout Post Move) than in our previous situation.


Garden Member Ari and PHS contact Lisa Mosca fill the reconstructed bed...

Garden Member Ari and PHS contact Lisa Mosca fill the reconstructed bed..

We’re in the papers!

St Bernard  & Sloan Street Community Garden’s battles with corporate development.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Reporter Virginia Smith’s Blog (to search) on Zoning Law Changes that affect Community Gardens – do they legitimize or stymie community gardens?

Our Current Status in Battle

According to City of Philadelphia zoning maps, the developer has overstepped his bounds and fenced in about 30 square feet of property that does not belong to him. We are investigating through the city office to find out if his approval for Zoning is illegitimate based on the seeming discrepency and transgression of private property rights.

If your green space/organization needs help…

If you or your community in need of support to sustain your garden or green space, contact Lisa Mosca at PHS (lmosca@pennhort.org), Amy Laura Cahn at PiILCOP (acahn@pilcop.org), and the People’s Emergency Center if you live in West Philadelphia, or e-mail: sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com and ask us a question. Just please be patient and give us a week to answer, we are all volunteers:)




2012 Spring

Spring 2012



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