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Grown on Sloan – Postponed!

Stay tuned for our next Farmer’s Market scheduled to happen in the fall.

The good news is, with the help of Pennsylvania Presbyterian Medical Center and Councilwoman Blackwell’s office, we have been able to negotiate another year at our current location to give us more time to move.

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What’s up? I thought you were moving?!

For those curious about our quest for land permanency, we have negotiated a building halt until next summer with the support of Councilwoman Blackwell’s office & Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. In the meantime we are preparing to move  to the Pennsylvania Presbyterian Medical Center’s property which constitutes 2/3 of the current garden land.  While leasing this land, we intend to become a 501c3, fund raise, and scout and purchase our own land with the help of PHS. Big thanks to Gary Ginsberg and Penn Presby’s legal team, Martin Cabry, Director of Zoning in Councilwoman Blackwell’s office, and garden members Stuart and Haley.

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