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Tree Transplant…

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, Mica, Caitlyn and I successfully dug out the elm tree that was in my plot. It is wrapped, leaning against the mural and waiting for Mica’s dad to pick it up. We dug out most of the roots, had to cut about 3 largish ones that were growing out past the plot and we replanted the iris both in the plot and around places in the garden. (It was time to thin the iris!) We are fortunate that the weekend is a bit rainy and not hot and sunny.

We managed to take the tree out with minimal disturbance to Milady’s side of the plot 🙂 Thanks for your patience in planting, Milady!

We will see if the transplant makes it successfully in its next life 🙂



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It started with the workday on April 2nd… Members gathered at 9am and proceded to work till 1pm clearing out debris from the garden. The next morning UCD kindly picked up two truck loads from our curb and we had a clean slate to start from.

Next was plot reconstruction.

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Most plots had rails that were decomposing from their 10 years of service and needed desperately to be relieved of their duty.

The membership team had ordered wood and Preston’s Paradise had dropped it off with the hardware. While some members were able to reconstruct their own beds, 6 more plots along with the addition of a brand new 11’X11′ bed created to grow food for Preston’s Paradise’s market stand were done by one couple. Old rails were then stacked Lincoln-log style to create three catchment bins in the back of the garden for our revamped compost system (thank you Compost Team for the idea!). A big thank you to all who contributed, especially members, UCD & Preston’s Paradise.

Next up:

Filling in and planting the new bed.

Finishing the compost system by shoring it up, and moving our compost piles into the bins.

Creating a water catchment system.

Organizing market stand hours with Preston’s Paradise.

Want to know how to get involved? 
e-mail the membership committee at sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com

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