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Work Day April 2nd, 9am-12pm

Yep! That’s right! With our ranks reinvigorated after our opening season membership meeting, we are in step and armed with rakes and loppers, hammers and nails, hoses and pails to work toward sprucing up the garden for its date with Spring. Our first workday of the year will focus on clean up, and set up, including coordinating with UCD for curb pick-up of debris and with Preston’s Paradise in repair and construction of plot beds. If you are interested in us and wish to get involved or just find out what we look like in action… stop by 326 Sloan St and we’d be happy to show you around or if you like, put you to work! Need more info? e-mail us at sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com


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Hi! Would you like to join Sloan St. Community Garden?

Learn about and participate in organic gardening, composting, bee keeping, farm stands, food donations, workshops, and more!

Attend our opening season mandatory membership meeting:

When: Friday, March 18th @ 7pm (approx. 2 hours long)

Where: 330 N. Sloan St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, house adjacent to the garden

What you need: $15 (plot fee & key deposit) & 2011SloanStComGardenApplication

Contact: sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com for more information or see our previous posts.


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Join us! We are a small vegetable and flower community garden, started almost 15 years ago with the gracious permission and support of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and the tentative leniency of a developer who bought 1/2 the land we till. We boast an ever rejuvenating 20 member organization that this year will donate to local food cupboards through the City Harvest Program and work with Preston’s Paradise in manning a farm stand, creating a water catchment system, making repairs to garden grounds and holding community workshops on growing and preparing food. Our members are our greatest resource… so if you want to learn about bees, organically grow anything from potatoes to sunflowers, and care for the earth and community… then all you need to join us is roughly two hours a week and 15 bucks… Interested? Review and fill out our 2011 Season Application , mail it to sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail, and be prepared to attend our mandatory opening season membership meeting.

Here’s how to contact us: sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com – Membership Committee (Emma, Cara, & Anne) Until we see you – enjoy watching spring blow in and sweep the leaves off the unfurling tendrils…

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