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Spring Forward…

While we await the snow to melt and the ground to thaw, preparation for the new season is rapidly underway… We are seeking feedback and ratification from current members on membership guidelines for the upcoming year, (members… see your e-mail!) and extending tubers out to reinvigorate our organizational contacts…

This year the garden plans to maintain current programs, give the garden a make over and extend our community reach with the SCI-West grant awarded monies. We will:

1. Continue participating in the City Harvest Program

2. Make repairs to garden beds (SCI-W grant)

3. Add beds for farmer’s market (SCI-W grant)

4. Support Preston’s Paradise’s Farmer’s Market (SCI-W grant)

5. Hold workshops on gardening, composting etc in conjunction w/ Preston’s Paradise (SCI-W grant)

6. Create a water catchment system (SCI-W grant)

7. Redesign/Landscape the back/west side of the garden

8. And of course, plant, till, and tend to our hearts’ content!

Seeking membership? Please stay tuned as a new application will appear on this site when our new guidelines are ratified. In the meantime… please e-mail the Membership Coordination Team at sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com with your inquiry.


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