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Winter Wonderment 12/28/10

Though it’s winter, we’re still movin and shakin (even under the snow!)

Winter Wonderland (sleeping under 1st blanket of snow)

SCI West Grant Awarded!

Yes! We were awarded one of several SCI West grants to improve our garden and community outreach. We owe many thanks and look forward to working with our partners at the PEC and Preston’s Paradise. With their collaboration we will repair damage to garden grounds and beds, create new beds, expand Preston Paradise’s farmer’s market with our produce and manpower, create a water catchment system and hold workshops on gardening and food preparation. We are indebted to our neighborhood backers, Pennsylvania Presbyterian Hospital and the Highway Church of Christ for showing their support toward acquiring this grant. Lastly Sloan St. Community Garden would like to thank members Emma for scribing the grant and Ken for attending to its administration.


New member Beth brought glass, hay and know-how and inspired a new trend at SSCG-

makeshift greenhouses.

The garden currently has three, each created by individual members and loved ones with reused window panes, stakes, hardware and elbow grease. They’ve weathered the snow, and the leafy greens are gorgeous!


The garden has grown in our ten years, and it was time to prune and nurture it! At our last membership meeting, we reorganized the administration of the garden to more evenly spread the burdens of love that accompany running an organization. We now have small teams that meet on an as needed basis and then report out to the group every few months. Teams include: Membership, Development, Compost, City Harvest and Watering.

The Membership Team has been rethinking and reworking the garden’s by-laws to encourage a lasting membership of gardeners who are down with toiling for their own benefit as well as the immediate community on a weekly basis. (EG: conducting workshops, manning farmers’ market stand) We also had the pleasure, at the end of our season, of welcoming our newest member at 84 years young, Mr. Rush. If you are interested in becoming a member or want more information, please e-mail sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com.

The Development Team (always with their eyes fixed forward) is looking for new funding and partnership opportunities as well as working out the details of fulfilling the SCI West grant awarded us.

The Compost Team is researching and experimenting with various composting methods… after the felled tree destroyed our old system, we wanted to turn lemons into lemonade and treat it as an opportunity to improve… We have a traditional barrel with ventilation, and now upturned garbage bags that we roll occasionally to mix. Our greens are currently kitchen scraps and our browns are sawdust and leaves.

During the season, the Watering Team will maintain a reservoir of water for the garden and once our catchment system is in place, they will be in charge of its up-keep.

The City Harvest Team will be reporting the garden’s contribution from last season and continue the relationship in order ┬áto grow and donate our yield to those in need for the season to come.

Happy Holidays and New Year!


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