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WEST-PHILLY GARDENS DAY, Sept 19th, 2010 12:00-3pm

Join us for the first of an annual event coordinated by UCD, from 12 noon – 3pm on Sept 19th, 2010, when gardens in West Philadelphia will be open to the public and presenting on different topics about gardening. Sloan Street Community Garden will proudly be participating and presenting on “Preserving a Community Garden from Development” at 12 noon. Please contact the membership coordinator if you have any information you would like to offer, or if you would like more information regarding this event or visiting the garden. Email: sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com

PHS City Gardens Contest

Sloan Street Community Garden has again earned 3rd place in the PHS City Gardens contest. THANK YOU HILLARY and members who worked diligently up to the judge’s visiting days in preparation, and ┬áthen so adeptly as welcoming representatives.

Felled Tree Update:

AS PROMISED!  Pennsylvania Presbyterian Hospital, the owners of the land we so graciously tend, has come to our aide again and cut down and cleared the tree that was felled in July. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Gary Ginsberg for coordinating the effort between the Hospital, the Landscapers and the Garden.


Mid-July a 30+ foot tall tree NW of our garden lot fell from heavy rains that swelled and ultimately made the rotting wood too heavy to stay upright. Though it was not on garden grounds, its entirety landed in the garden, crushing a fence, taking down wires, covering one plot and crushing our compost bins and tumblers. (Luckily, our bee hive remains untouched, though tangled in the mess.) We explored many avenues to have it removed and the damage repaired. We contacted the property owner of the lot the tree is rooted in, Verizon, PECO, UCD (& through them, Fairmount Park), two different arborists, and Penn Presbyterian Hospital (who owns roughly 1/2 of the garden property.) Different parties were willing to help in different capacities, but ultimately, Penn Presbyterian Hospital will be sending their landscaping team (for liability purposes) to cut up and remove the tree.

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