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Felled Tree

This morning I awoke to an unrecognizable yet notable sound… closest to the crackle-boom-hiss of a certain celebratory tradition. But, fireworks at 6am?

An hour later, walking into the garden, I look up to see the rain had swelled seemingly everything and in so doing, took down a rotten tree in the lot NW of the garden and laid it across the back third of the garden (roughly 15 X 30′).

From the NE corner of the Garden

It plummeted onto a plot,

top in member 4X8'plot

tumbled our tumbler,

compost tumbler on ground

covered the compost barrels,

the 2 barrels are hidden under the branches

flattened our fence,

back SW garden fence

weighted our wires, but remarkably left the hive untouched, nestled in its corner 2′ away.

We're all glad!

The bees however, seem a bit disoriented, swarming the felled tree. But, there’s been human presence all day and no problem!

The Good News:
Seth from Univercity City District (http://www.universitycity.org/ or seth@universitycity.org) answered our call immediately, offering help from their Operations Manager. They will assess the situation and assist us in clearing and removing the tree. I had also had reported the incident to PECO, but they have not shown as promised, yet (800-494-4000).

Additionally, today was our first PHS City Gardens Contest judging! They were quite in awe and very understanding… agreeing that this year’s weather has been hard on gardens.

Stay tuned for progress but until then, check out more pics on our picture page!


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Holiday: State of the garden

Hey all… I think it’s safe to say we’re in full swing and things couldn’t be better.  Isn’t it nice to be working in the Garden this year knowing how close we were to perhaps witnessing a foundation being poured where our plots once were?  (Those of you who went a few rounds this winter know what i mean… and thanks so much again.)  These are some dandy shots from just this very, sun-kissed, morning.

Thanks everyone, and there are spots available, so others can share in the splendor.  We currently have, because of some membership  ebb and flow (mostly ebb), one full plot (4’x8′) and two separate half plots (obviously, but I’ll go ahead and say so, half plots are 2’x4′). So if you know anybody who might be interested,  let em’ know to head to the website and they can download an application here.  Just fill it out and email it back to sloanstcommunitygarden@gmail.com.  Or maybe you just need to proliferate your own yield (wink), either way, now is the time.

Thanks again guys, see you out there.

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