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Waiting List

We have many new, excited and exciting faces around the Garden this year, in addition to some old, savvy vets  and we’re fairly certain that’s EXACTLY what every garden needs… so YAY… What that also means is that all our plots are now filled up… that’s cause for another little, yay.  So, if you would like to still be around all the fun and green thumbs, you can either, be a container gardner or a community space gardener.  This just means we’ll find some dirt for you to dig in if you want.  If you do have your heart set on one of the plots because it’s just a little 4×8 slice of fertile earth around the concrete, you can get yourself on the waiting list.  Simply send an e-mail to the membership coordinator sscg@gmail.com.  Don’t be shy.


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The latest buzz on the beez…

This year, there’s a new buzz around the garden.  We have bees! They were moved in last week by our brand spanking new member Andrew. (a tip of the hat to  Andrew)  He will be getting us all the information that we need or want to know about their implementation shortly.  Till then, we are thrilled to be witness to the abundance of activity in a flurry of pollination around our plots.  We are equally as excited to reap the harvest of honey at the end of the season. Any questions? Comment and address it to Andrew.

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